World of Midgard [30.0] is submitted for review.

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World of Midgard [30.0] is submitted for review.

Postby Tim » Wed Aug 18, 2021 12:36 am

New map: World of Midgard [30.0] by Tim.
Map editor link: World of Midgard [30.0]

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Re: World of Midgard [30.0] is submitted for review.

Postby Tim » Wed Aug 18, 2021 12:36 am

V 30.0
- Extend the Lava on the Eastern Continent

V 29.0
- Rebalancing the NW that its not so fast for green to reach blue - faster for green to go west and east
- 2 Orcs on L2 Ruins now

V 28.0
- Roads at L1 Ruin near Red Starting Spot
- More Mountains between Red and Blue to prevent Crows from beeing so painful
- Replaced Move-Temple at Teal Starting Position
- Give Green and Teal starting Position a little more Roads
- Deleted South of Green starting Position Roads. New Ford near Jarniggard at green starting Position.
- Switch Runsgard-Usegorm - Good City-Poor City
- Near L1-Lair of Iquibalam in the West Islands- made a new Port

V 27.0
- More Terrain Correctures
Key Changes:
-Added Roads at Nindorien
- All Powerful Cities are now good with 1 Mino Defender
- 1 More City in the Far Northeast
- 1 More City in the Far Northwest
- Terrain Changes for Black more accessable
- Closed the Mountains between Teal and Blue with Towers
- For Yellow its now harder to go east and i moved Corinth 1 Square south
- Make City of Nedschef a Site
- Deleted the detailed City Arragements mostly
- Make some new Game Setups
- Balancing the Spreading of Sites and Ruins around the Starting Spots

V 26.0
- Some Minor Design Correctures

New to 25.0 - Working Title: New Tactics, New Fun
- Placed the Units over Balins Protector at Ugolgorod
- Placed a Port at the Isle with the L1 Ruin near Madura
- Placed Neutral Orcs at L2 and L3 Ruins
- Removed 2 Dwarfs from the Towers in the Middle East Region
- Moved white Capital North...
- Full Rearrangement of the Terrains-Regions, including new Balacing to the Starting Spots
- Adding and Changing Sites, Roads, Rivers, Ridgelines, Walls
- So many the Title Tactics, more Fun!

New to 22.0:
- Some Design fixes
- The south of Red Player -City of Bithur- is now less vulnerable to Seacreatures

V.21 - Skipped

New to 20.0
- Moved a Port West of Geltin from South to North
- Replaced the Brifge at Khairat with a Ford
- Moved the Port at Nagpur a little South
- Connect the Isle with the City of Zyo in the SW with the the Coast via Ford
- Added a Ressource Bulding in the SW west of Corinth
- Moved Signpost with Version News in the far Southeast

New to 19.0

- Moved Black Capital back
- Moved Port at Dogon in the SW North
- Added Roads at Black Capital
- Extra Defenders in Capitals replaced

New to 18.0

-Added Roads in the SW Isles
-Connect Ponapu with the UL-Temple
-Extra Defenders now no more in the NW Corner of the City
-Geltin is now a Good City
-Marshes around Langollen
-A Sign North of Valian near the L2Ruin with changes to new Version on it
-Some Mountain-Terrain Northwest of Corinth
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