4 Versus 4 Strategy

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4 Versus 4 Strategy

Postby tabanli » Wed Feb 06, 2013 9:50 am

In college we used to play Warcraft and Starcraft 4 vs 4. The only viable strategy was to "RUSH" one or two opponents early in the game. Often by the turn 10, all the sandwiches gets toasted and eliminated but sometimes heavily crippled. The result lead to a long battle of well developed and prosperous 2 vs 2. I hope my team is reading this. :D

I remember our teammate "Tug" screaming "Help! I am at North! Send me some troops they are killing me!". After a few minutes he starts to talk calmly "Don't come. Don't even bother. In fact take my gold. This sucks".

I think 4 vs 4 could become very popular if we can get 3 minutes per turn with a minute increase each turn options. This could be ideal in the weekend.
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Re: 4 Versus 4 Strategy

Postby piranha » Wed Feb 06, 2013 8:38 pm

We too come from starcraft and warcraft and had many awesome times playing 4vs4s that were even and made every little crystal count in the end. In fact we got together over christmas and played some 4vs4 starcraft 1 lan :-).
You know that it's already possible. Realtime game is what you describe, you start with 3:30 and then get 15 more seconds per turn and all players can make their turn at the same time. But its difficult to get those games going. We need more people here or perhaps a scheduling system.
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