Unicorns in Dante's Inferno Map

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Unicorns in Dante's Inferno Map

Postby tabanli » Mon Jun 10, 2013 5:57 am

I have been playing this map for a while and I think Unicorn is the best overall unit to build at the capital at the earliest convenience. Level by level you meet with either terrain bonus units (dwarfs, giants, yetis, elfs,serpents, spiders, gryphon) or fear-morale units (wolf rider-yeti-medusa-kraken) where unicorns makes big difference.

Ghost might be my second choice, it provides flight and scare factor for enemy Barbarian while helping you search the ruins.

Herowise KGB's "BAR" works the best. Barbarian-Assasin-Ranger. However you can't use Barbarian effectively at swamp - forest level, too many ambush units. You may also need a Horse Lord for the snow level / sand level though.

I am still trying to figure out the best strategy in this map. It is a bit of a puzzle. Maybe instead of ruling a corner it might be better to rule a level.

Also the fight orders has been altered. In the city with Ghost + Gryphon, gryphon goes first and Ghost goes the second. So classical tricks of putting a crow to absorb the ambush doesn't work all the time.

Blockages between the territories are fierce and very hard to get through during the early game. So you will have a somewhat safer development time before enemy assaults begin.
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