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Re: First Turn - Bugs + Things I noticed

Postby piranha » Sun Jul 24, 2011 8:37 pm

It will be interesting to see how its played with these new sea creatures. When I was making the map I wanted to place cities far enough from the shore to make them safe from sea serpents, but then realized that they have to be quite far from shore so I started thinking that sea serpents are going to be way too good.
But battle 15 for 2 turns is weak, its not very expensive to keep enough cheap defense to counter a sea serpent or 2. A full army of them could be tough and with a pegasi and kraken its a deadly combination.
Scouting may become even more important than before.
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Re: First Turn - Bugs + Things I noticed

Postby KGB » Mon Jul 25, 2011 4:49 am


I had originally envisioned the Sea Serpents/Kraken as only being able to attack cities that were directly on the coast with water next to them. Not be able to come and go as they do now. That would have given them power but not made them too good.

I think they will be hard to scout. Simply because of the 24 movement. They can easily sit 12 squares out in the water and come to shore, cross 1 land square (6) and attack a city (6 more). Not many units will be able to scout 12 squares away.

The other issue is that a lot of maps will need to be reworked/redone to handle this new power because rivers are no longer a barrier and cities across a river that were once totally not reachable except by air are now easily reachable with the Serpent. That allows not only for lightning strikes but gives the ability to bring a hero over for added attack bonus and allows fliers to back them up without worrying about anti-air defense.

Like you, I'll be curious to see how they play out. Right now they are looking like my favorite new unit. I was able to make really good use of the one I started with on turn 1 and expect to do so in the next few turns capturing sites, raiding coast lines etc.

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