German gold in USA is gone

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Re: German gold in USA is gone

Postby Solo » Sun Aug 31, 2014 8:25 pm

piranha wrote:Before the Crimea invasion

It was not "invasion". Crimeans went back to their country. People voted for freedom from Kiev nazi's regime.

Most part of Crimea population is not Ukrainian.
As you could see Russians are 60% and Ukrainians are 24%. Other nationalities are 16%.
But also most of Ukrainians voted for freadom too.

You could go to Crimea and speak with local habitans to know truth.

So it was a right and lecal democratic procedure when most of Crimean Respublic that had a special status in Ukraine with the right of going out from Ukraine that was written in the constitution of Crimea and Ukraine. It was fully legal way to go out. People of Crimea was happy to go out from Ukraine. All 23 years all Kiev governments took money from the region and did not make investment into the region economics at all.

Russian army was placed in Crimea legally. After the "right sector" took weapon and went to Crimea border to kill Crimean people, local militians and russian soldiers together stopped them to save life of people. And Crimeans was saved from this danger that we could see now in Donetsk and Lugansk regions. Many many civil non combotant people was killed with Kiev supported nazis. I think all men who say "Russian invasion in Crimea" must think about it, maybe supporting Kiev nazi they support murder.

You say Putin is a lier. So go here and speak with people look at this danger here in the part of Ukraine populated with Russians. It is real genocide of russian people that Kiev makes now. They do not think our men are their people, their citizens, and so it is possible to kill us. Thus the only way to save our lifes is to go out from Ukraine ASAP.
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Re: German gold in USA is gone

Postby Solo » Sun Aug 31, 2014 8:39 pm

piranha wrote:If you followed the story of Mikhail Khodorovsky its hard not to question Putins actions. Its more or less inventing charges to get the competition out of the way.

Mikhail Khodorkovsky is a murderer. He was one of that "oligarh", thiefs who make his riches with not legal way taking common goods in his hands outside of law procedure. To make his riches bigger he killed men who protect their riches and killed journalists and judges who standed on his way to stop his not legal actions.
99% of Russians hate Khodorkovsky as a thief and a murderer.

Becaming very rich, he decided to be a president of Russia. For it he bought almost a half of that times Russian parlement. It is a reason why Khodorkovsky and Putin do not like one another. So it could be correct do not take his information as something free and right as there are a political and money interests from his side.

Anyway Khodorkovsky is very very bad sample. You cannot speak about him with men who know him as a lier and a thief and a murderer.
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Re: German gold in USA is gone

Postby piranha » Tue Sep 02, 2014 7:23 pm

You've told me about Ukraine before the whole crimea thing happened and it doesn't sound like a good place to live judging by your description. If I understand it correct there are 7 clans who own everything and the population own nothing and are basically being used.
After you asked me if there are any news about the nazis in Ukraine I looked it up and there are several articles about it here but the Russian invasion is getting more attention along with the horrors that IS is doing in Irak and Syria. I'm not going to say anything positive of the Kiev government because it seems to be a country with a lot of corruption and problems.
However I'm still going to say that you are being fooled and that Putin is a liar.
You say it's not a invasion in crimea, Igor says the russian rebels are not the russians but something else because that's what you read in Russian news. The problem is you fail to see that the facts you read are not true.

If the Russian rebels were not Russian how come that they capture ukrainian soldiers who want to give up and thats celebrated as a victory in Russia and Putin is also able to tell the Russian rebels to release the ukrainian soldiers. Clearly they do exactly what he wants.
He was lying about invading crimea and now the rebels, and you can be sure that the aerial photos taken of military units moving into ukraine are not from a computer game like Russia claims. Putins lying strategy works because the Russian masses believe what they read and thats why they support him. Only a few people think for themselves but since you risk jail if you speak freely in Russia most people who understand the truth choose to not say anything because they don't want to go to jail for made up charges. Thats why those who dare and want to tell the truth in Russia have to hide behind TOR and thats why Putin offers a lot of money for anyone who manages to hack TOR so he can get rid of them as well.

When it come to Khodorkovsky you just need to use your mind to understand that what you say is not the truth. Putin doesn't charge people for saying against him, he invents other charges and creates a story that is believable to the masses that makes people think he is doing the right thing when he put someone in jail.
If Khodorkovsky did all what you said do you think he would get 9 years in prison?
Why do you think when he had spent 9 years in prison that he was suddenly charged with new crimes and sent to prison again? And if you read the new charges it doesn't make any sense at all. It makes the original charges impossible.
And why do you think Putin suddenly changed his mind and realised it was better to not have him in prison but set him free with the condition to not remain in politics?
He was Putins biggest opponent for the power in Russia and thats why Putin made sure to make the masses in Russia believe he was bad and it's better to make him leave Russia and not stay in politics than to have people who saw the lies fight for Khodorkovsky's rights.

You talk about americans being bad but the masses in the US just read their news and don't bother about thinking any further just like the masses in Russia do or any other country. When KGB describes how the US are removing governments if they don't want to sell oil for dollars at a reasonable price it's not because thats why you read everyday in the news. It's because he see beyond what the news say and are able to piece things together and understand the underlaying reason for actions taken by the government.
Putin is painting a picture to the Russian people that is all about making him appear like a good guy, exactly like the US media does about their leaders and actions taken.
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Re: German gold in USA is gone

Postby Igor » Tue Sep 02, 2014 11:08 pm

No russian invasion in Crimea, but free referendum of Crimean people where they voted to be part of Russia. Crimea saved itself of bombing.

Native citizens, who are rebels, are russians and ukrainians who lived in the region. Also there are people of other nations there who came to help rebels. There is a separate post about this. Russian, Serbian, French, Spanish and some other people. No regular military there but the multi-nation volunteers.
All false was refuted by Russia and the refutation wasn't contra-refuted by somebody.
Kiev get help from US and Poland military company and Sweden nazis. This is also in this post.

Russia is close in thoughts to Novorossian people as well as USA is close to Poroshenko.
Rebels can do or not do what Russia ask them. When they planned to make referendum, Putin asked them to take a pause and do it later, but leaders of DPR and LPR answered that this is decision of the people and both referendums took place.

About russian soldiers in Crimea, as Putin said of this in couple of days, that were necessary to defend Crimean people from nazi 'right sector' who burned some dozens people in Odessa.

This is not right that somebody can be arrested in Russia if he tells other than Russian government' position. People really like Putin because they watch real pictures of what happens and because they see that US oriented media show false. And they see what was made with Iraq, Yugoslavia, Libya and with some other countries and people know the low price of american words.
Some marginals are who support what USA do. Nobody touches them.

Khodorkovsky is a thief and a murderer. But like in case of Al Capone who was murderer in more size but was arrested only for non-payment of taxes, Khodorkovsky also was arrested with economic motivation. This is a world-wide problem to get many evidences for crime leaders, even if they are in white shirts.
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Re: German gold in USA is gone

Postby Igor » Wed Sep 03, 2014 10:04 pm

Still no examples by piranha. May be it's time to give answer for those empty charges?
Piranha said that Putin is a lier, and tried to prove this with two things: words of Khodorkovsky and 2-days delay with truth on Crimea.
I think that 2 days is such a little delay that it can't be seriously counted, may be inner burocratic problems or so. Too short time to count it seriously.
Words of famous criminal Khodorkovsky may be motivated because this criminal has long conflict with Putin against whom he tries to "prove". No one court in any country could use such "evidence" of the motivated person, it should be denied.
Thus there are no one fact by piranha for his statement.
Farther, he blamed Russia that Russian regular soldiers fight against Ukraine. But OSCE and US State Department said that they have no independent information that Russian soldiers are there except 10 arrested soldiers. I think though that piranha didn't mean these 10 but more. This piranha's statement is refuted by the western officials shown above.
Thus both the statements have no actual evidences.
I think piranha has sense to put here something real because such words look empty and such charges look as usual pro-american propaganda.

To put long empty flood is much easier than to find facts.
I also would put some light how piranha takes part in discussion. He firstly makes a statement without any evidences, then he starts to look for evidences for the made statement.
The same way US government blamed Russia in the air crush, they said that there is "all necessary evidences". No results of investigation are, but US already "knows all". Two months later still no one can see their "evidences". Because there are no one of them.
There was a US satellite, speciallized in launches of missiles, over the region exactly in the time of the air crush. And no one evidence from it is shown. He didn't make photos? Looks not probably. Should be it did. But these were such photos that US don't wish to show to the world community.
Also USA could easily order to Kiev to give copy of speaking dispatchers with pilots for investigations. But US still hasn't order and Kiev himself still don't give it.
But there was such a long flood of empty charges from USA to Russia. So, where evidences? No one.
Usual american propaganda.
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Re: German gold in USA is gone

Postby fantastory » Sat Apr 14, 2018 9:28 am

Igor wrote:3. Political authority in the West world (all know about what Warsaw does for Washington, and who was the British poodle of ex-president of US).

So what Warsaw does?
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Re: German gold in USA is gone

Postby Igor » Sat Apr 14, 2018 10:38 am

fantastory wrote:So what Warsaw does?

There was a separate thread on this 'What Warsaw does for Washington', here is it:
Igor wrote:We Gave the Americans a Blow Job, got Nothing, Says Polish Foreign Minister
From Newsweek: ... ter-255863

Taka murzyńskość
(According to the transcript, Warsaw's attitude towards the United States was described with using the Polish word "murzynskosc" which denotes a dark-skinned person and someone who does the work for somebody else)
From Wprost, the original: ... ierewicza/

There are also some interesting facts of other humiliations, for UK ex-leader and EU countries from USA. Just enough to watch the forum.
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Re: German gold in USA is gone

Postby fantastory » Sat Apr 14, 2018 1:18 pm

That is about what Sikorski said. I am asking what you are assuming everyone knows.
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Re: German gold in USA is gone

Postby Igor » Sat Apr 14, 2018 1:34 pm

Fantastory, I meant that. I think everyone who watch with attention on what happens in the world policy he knows that Poland is asking for support from USA and that the country have nothing to offer to USA instead this support, other than things Sikorski said about.
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Re: German gold in USA is gone

Postby fantastory » Sat Apr 14, 2018 3:04 pm

Are you going to state what they Warsaw did or not?
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