Social Manners Mowhar

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Social Manners Mowhar

Postby makeixo » Thu Mar 31, 2016 4:27 pm

Hi guys,

I dont know how players of Cimmerians talk to each other and to opponents but I myself prefer to be treated with some repect. Its the third time Mowhar comes after me - all because I used some credits during the SuperTour, when I was on a journey.

I keep my distance and I wont participate in games in which Mowhar plays. I play Warbarons for fun and to relax a little bit, not to be insulted by a guy, who lives 20.000 miles away. Thats also the reason, why I left "the lands of ghosts game HN vs Crom"

I keep my distance and thats fine by me but at some point its enough. I would be thankful if somebody of Crom or Warbarons talks to Mowhar to leave me alone.

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Re: Social Manners Mowhar

Postby mowhar » Fri Apr 01, 2016 9:20 am

As usual, when I re-read stuff the next day, it did not turn as funny as intended.
I really have a bad history of writing stupid stuff drunk, that I feel ashamed about later.
Sometimes... it is just so embarrassing, that it is almost painful!

Still.... you get all the respect you deserve Maxeico, more even!
My apologies to the rest of you!

I do not really understand what you are complaining about, Maxeico.
I even write you personal messages to help keep you motivated for our next battle!
Heck, I even wrote you a while back and suggested you join a team, so I could beat you up in team games!
Which you did.
The grand total of messages sent should be up to, including yesterday, 3 , right?
You bored the hell out of me, by your playing style, way back.
I have had the evil eye on you, ever since.

You confirming that you are a quitter that complains in the forum instead of playing the game, does not exactly help the situation.
With all the respect required
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Re: Social Manners Mowhar

Postby SCIkick » Mon Apr 04, 2016 10:31 pm

Mowhar you gotta lay off the sauce dude :lol:
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