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Re: 2v2 Tournament

Postby SnotlinG » Mon Dec 29, 2014 6:00 pm

This tournament is handled by the sites auto system for tournaments, so as soon as a match / group is ready the new games will automatically be started (could take 1-2hours for the system to react)
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Re: 2v2 Tournament

Postby gil » Fri Jun 19, 2015 6:20 am

SnotlinG i think the auto system for tournaments need a bit of a boost

after winning 3 games zillusion and Seraad should move to next stage and not w8 for the final game
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Re: 2v2 Tournament

Postby KGB » Fri Jun 19, 2015 1:38 pm

Actually it's 99% likely there is going to be a playoff required to determine 2nd place in that group.

That means a whole other set of games to play before the next round officially starts. Those playoff games can be started now to speed up the process.

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