Encourage map making

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Encourage map making

Postby Negern » Wed Jul 17, 2019 12:00 am

I think it wasfun what happened over in 2012 or something, eith the map making contest. A good way to get more quality maps for players to choose from. Couldnt one get started again? I’d submit a map if one would get started. Perhaps a few themed map competitions. I saw KGB mention how it’s rare with 3vs3 ffa. That could change with one single map making competition.
Also, i cant see why you have to have a gold or silver account to creste many maps. The whole community benefits from everyone being able to upload maps relatively freely. Its time consuming, often tedious and frustrating to create maps.
What about a star system for maps? After players had a game they could rate it and perhaps leave a comment. ”Lots of focus on fliers” for example. So people looking for a new map to try could get some idea of how good the various maps are. It looks to me mostly the same few maps are played over and over again. Active players down to 1/3 from a few years ago. 10% from when i used to play. I think a lack of maps can have something to do with this.
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