Cleaning Out Slot Maps

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Cleaning Out Slot Maps

Postby KGB » Fri Oct 04, 2019 6:33 pm

Once again my total slot maps count and the actual maps in those slots don't match.

If I start a game and select 'my slot maps', I only have 1 map that shows (which I just added today). But if I go to viewing maps, it shows 3/5 used. I know 1 map I added a couple weeks ago (Land of Horror) has since been updated and now it's 'lost' from the submitted map list so I can't remove it (it's the one I re-added today for the newest version). But I must have 1 more map I added a while ago that has also since been updated and is also 'lost' from the map list.

Can my slot list be cleaned out again (remove everything) or can we find a way to allow players to manually clean their slot map list so the counts match what they actually have.


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