New kind of account

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New kind of account

Postby Igor » Tue May 12, 2020 10:44 am

There are now 3 kinds of account: free account (no payments), silver account (can't see how much it costs) and gold account (costs about 25 Euro per year)
Silver account is marked with silver star. Gold account is marked either with gold star or with green star. Green star means that the player earlier once sent 100 Euro for the game. 100 Eur once per 9 years, which the game exists, is a little more than 10 Euro per year. Looks not too much.
My offer is to remark all gold accounts only with gold star. Then to create a new kind of accoutn, Green account (or Emerald account), which costs 100 Euro per year, marked with green star.
If some players buy such account, may be only 5-6 or even more, this can give 500-600 Euro yearly to the game. It may help to attract a person on short time to make some of game bugs fixed (currently we need, at my look, to fix Replay function and to correct Sorceress). And this even may help to do bugs fixing once every year.

What do you think, green star owners, is it a time to pay again?
This may be a way to help the game. And may be others, who has gold star, will join you.

(*) not for Solo who didn't pay for his green star (nobody knows why he got it)
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Re: New kind of account

Postby smursh » Sat May 16, 2020 2:55 am

Green stars were given to people who contributed to the start up funding. I assume Solo was one of them. You see a few players with green stars, that's how they got them.
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Re: New kind of account

Postby Igor » Sat May 16, 2020 7:16 am

Smursh how do you think, may be it's time for Green star keepers to make another contribution?
Do you see that bugs aren't being fixed for many months?... And now replay function is broken.

Programming work in the game is made by Piranha and Snotling, Green star owners just sent some money as the contribution. As I have read this was enough to send 100 Euro. If so, this is, as I said, only 10 Euro per year during 9 years, when gold account costs 25 Euro.

I think that it's good idea to make new account - Green account (or may be Emerald) which players will buy the same as gold account, by yearly payments.
How do you think Smursh? How do you think other Green star keepers?

(*) off-top. Solo got the star some years later than others. He didn't pay. As I said, nobody knows why did he get it. May be only Piranha knows.
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