More Map Sorting Options

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More Map Sorting Options

Postby KGB » Sat Aug 12, 2017 4:28 pm

Is there any chance we can get more map sorting options when selecting which map we want to play.

With the sheer number of maps it's getting harder to find specific maps and the way they are sorted even within their category doesn't make sense.

I'd like to see another drop down button at the top called 'Sort By' that has 2 selections: Name (map name) & Date (submission date). With Name being the default so when I click 'all submitted maps' that list is sorted by name. Then I could select 'Date' so it's resorted by date with newest at the top.

Also there is currently an option for 1v1 maps and FFA maps. How about being able to sort by size with 3 options (small: 50x50 to 75x75), (medium: >75x75 to 100x100), (large: >100x100 to 150x150). So a 75x75 map goes in small just as a 75x50 would. A 100x75 would be in medium as would 100x100. A 100x125 would be in large and so on. Really weird maps like 50x150 would go in their category of their largest dimension so in this case it would be the large category.

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