Away for whole June - anyone care to take over?

If you are going on a holiday you can ask someone to sit for you here.

Away for whole June - anyone care to take over?

Postby Finite » Wed May 23, 2012 9:33 pm


I'm travelling in Thailand from may 31st to june 28th with practically no internet access. I have several games going on and can dump some of them to my friends, but there are some that all the guys I know are in so I would need some outsider to step in for me, if anyone is interested. If not, I will have to resign those, but that would be suck for my co-players. All up for grabs are just friendly games where most opponents are pretty new in this game.

I'll be happy to tell more if someone has room for extra games.

1. Erythia Map with 2 opponents and 2 computer players left, both opponents are my Finnish friends. Totally epic battle which I am now slightly leading after being on a verge to give up a long time ago. It would be awesome to pull a win here. 5 day turns so no rush.

2. Six player fight on "The Waste" map where 2 opponents are out of the running and me and another one are dominating. Smells like victory already but tough fights ahead. All others are finnish but they can communicate in english fine so no troubles here. Also a 5 day turner.

3. A 1 day turn limit game on Westeros. Was 6 player but down to 4, I own half a map and still have peace deals with 2 of the opponents. Good chance to dominate with demons here! I could load this to a friend as well but am worried that the 1 day turns are going to be tough on him...

Let me know if you want to keep up my winning streak. ;)
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