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Trigger Enhancement

Postby Tim » Mon Apr 04, 2016 7:41 am

as you know im working actually on a great Midgard Scenario Map. But i want that its really great so i have some Things that are a must have for me to work out a ScenarioMap. This is...

1. Change Infopop later
When you create a Trigger you can make a Infopop with a Custom Message. Thats great but i cant rework it later in the Trigger Edit Screen. It must be possible to change it later and not delete the old Trigger and add a new One because i will add something to the Message...

2. Show CityName in Overview
For Clearness: In the Trigger edit Screen it shows the CityName when i add a Occupy "CIty X" Trigger. but it only Shows the Coordinates and not the City Name when i add a Trigger---Turn 5---Award: Get City X---. Thats Confusing. Every time if i rework it i must look at the Coordinates what City it was...

3. Not ingame shown Trigger should be schown in editor/direct edit
When a Trigger Beacon is not shown ingame it should be Displayed in the editor in red for Example. Then you have a better Overview when you look over the Map. Then it would be good when you canb edit a Trigger by clicking on it.
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