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Registered: 2013-05-09
Last online: 0 Minutes ago
Team: Great Old Ones
Sex:male, Age:33
Account: gold


Normal stats
1 vs 1: 1 / 0 (100%)
FFA: 0 / 1 (0%)
Team: 2 / 0 (100%)

Ladder stats
1 vs 1: 24 / 0 (100%) (73p)
FFA: 0 / 0 (0%) (66p)
Team: 2 / 0 (100%) (99p)

Total ladder stats
1 vs 1: 94 / 20 (82%)
FFA: 20 / 14 (59%)
Team: 10 / 0 (100%)


Enemy player lost in FFA game - 2 Hours ago
Player: PAINjiipee lost in FFA game toslow4AVESTA.
Rating: 26 ladder points lost.
Duration: 18 turns

You have been challenged. - 5 Hours ago
Fejak have challenged Great Old Ones in a Best of 1, 2v2

Benis: Hey! I made a 2v2/4FFA map I would like to try out against some another team, up for it? :)
5 Hours ago

Team game won - 39 Hours ago
Great Old Ones beat Hadesha Natives in game HNkerfuffles, 50 ladder points taken.
Duration: 14 turns, Watch replay
Players: Radokiller1984, fantastory, SoulMan vs nobibla, razurandal, Chazar

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Radokiller1984: GG :)
32 Hours ago
nobibla: well done
24 Hours ago

Game won - 39 Hours ago
GoO.SoulMan beat [HN]nobibla in game for Nobibla2,10 ladder points taken.
Duration: 29 turns, Watch replay
Players:SoulMan nobibla

View all 10 comments
SoulMan: Replay is working till about turn 20. When You lost Barb and HL in 70+% battle, I had already almost 50% more cities. I really didn't feel I'm so much ahead. I think even If You save both heroes in this battle - I was still in a good shape, just couldnt know that, You could expand other directions much faster.
35 Hours ago
nobibla: yes, i thought i was ahead. that was not true. and it is a good advice not to produce the demons. they definitly are to slow
35 Hours ago

Enemy player lost in FFA game - Wed 25, Mar 2020, 9:22 pm
Player: PATACA lost in FFA game Holy Moly.
Rating: 26 ladder points lost.
Duration: 22 turns

Game won - Mon 16, Mar 2020, 9:36 pm
GoO.SoulMan beat [HN]nobibla in game for Nobibla,10 ladder points taken.
Duration: 25 turns, Watch replay
Players:SoulMan nobibla

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SoulMan: I think its about those missplaced krakens in the water. I think they were supposed to block early connection between those 2 spots. There is one more thing very strange on this map - in editor ruins seems usual, in game You can see guards, and there are impossible ones often (2 mummies in tier1, 4 mummies in tier2, 5 vampires in tier3) and reward as gold 'NaN'. Maybe map was created on older version and something which is not possible now was predefined?
Tue 17, Mar 2020, 3:01 pm
SoulMan: *I played it once before, started at BOTTOM-MID, lost level 3.8 Valkiria in ruin to 2 mummies in turn 5 I think. Hogar was starting TOP-LEFT and he rushed to the temple, so he was there earlier with stronger Valkiria than my 2nd. I went around to raze his city at the temple and split expand to bottom left, but he either was faster in there. Generaly it was hardest game this season, won because Hogar took a bait entering my main cities just after I prepared strong stack with spiders. Then I felt I can maybe win and he just surrender - He didn't expand other directions.
Tue 17, Mar 2020, 3:10 pm

Game won - Wed 11, Mar 2020, 9:46 am
GoO.SoulMan beat [HN]nobibla in game For SoulMan,10 ladder points taken.
Duration: 22 turns, Watch replay
Players:SoulMan nobibla

View all 3 comments
SoulMan: unfortunetely seems replay is broken. I took dwarf first, and focus on leveling him asap by taking mines. Minotaur sent solo to take SE slums. In turn 3 first ruin in desert, turn 4 I took ranger, which went for top ruin, then took some expirience and when hit level3 immidiete start tier2 ruins below my starting location. 3rd was sorc which focused on tier1 ruins on top. I think I started building cities with built 5/7 and before I had 3 heroes, I kept cheap productions (scouts/orcs, I think 1 city with dwarf). Scouts was focused to check You incoming / help ranger in ruins. All other just to save heroes movement points and let them take all mines on their way without any risk and any waste of time. Meanwhile You rushed, probably without taking all mines on Your way, so I had much higher income. I think You played not bad - generaly closing gap asap seems to be good strategy agains me. Then I can't take Dragons Lair in turn 13/14 like in game vs Raz, because need def some cities and waste time preparing counter strikes.
Wed 11, Mar 2020, 11:08 am
SoulMan: *need check this replay later, once replay which was broken immediate after game, start working few days later
Wed 11, Mar 2020, 11:11 am

Enemy player lost in FFA game - Tue 10, Mar 2020, 11:12 pm
Player: LOKKGB lost in FFA game toslow4AVESTA.
Rating: 26 ladder points lost.
Duration: 14 turns

Game won - Sun 1, Mar 2020, 7:11 pm
GoO.SoulMan beat [wc]szymraszyn (Iwannalearn) in game hardcoreopponentne,12 ladder points taken.
Duration: 22 turns, Watch replay
Players:SoulMan szymraszyn (Iwannalearn)

SoulMan: finally working replay, at least till turn 17...
Sun 1, Mar 2020, 9:25 pm
makmak: It's not working :-(
Sat 7, Mar 2020, 6:18 pm

Game won - Sun 1, Mar 2020, 7:11 pm
GoO.SoulMan beat [wc]szymraszyn (Geralt) in game one more training,12 ladder points taken.
Duration: 23 turns, Watch replay
Players:SoulMan szymraszyn (Geralt)


Player order Time left Gamename Map Mode Turn
0 Holy Moly
19 HNbattles?
23 toslow4AVESTA
Game won
39 two-by-two
43 Bang Bang
47 Four teams
Game won
= You
= Current player
When row is highlighted = Your turn in game
Number on shield = Number of missed turns
  = Player is using credits to extend turn time
= Indicator showing the number of times a player may extend his time through credits


Winner Players Mapname Features Turns Date
Great Old Ones
14 2020-03-28
29 2020-03-28
25 2020-03-16
22 2020-03-11
22 2020-03-01



This player is playing with an undercover name. The player name is unknown.