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Battle interface

Battle screen basics
This is the screen displayed when you fight a battle. To the top left you can see the defender name and the bonuses carried into battle. This informationdoes not show invidual unit bonuses, just those that apply to the whole group.At the bottom left you find the same information about the attacker.

At the center top the defending army is listed. The defending side can have up to 32 (8*4) units listed when defending in a city.Bellow the defender is the attacker side which can never have more than 8 units.To see the exact strength of a unit and how it was calculated you can put your mouse over it. This information includes all bonuses.

On the right side you have a couple of buttons, the first one is the warpedia button that will bring this information up, then there is an information button.The information show when clicking the info button is shown after the battle is played. The information give you some knowledge about the battle outcome, this is pretty technical stuff. check at the bottom section for a description.

The start battle button is pretty obvious, that is how that start viewing the battle.

Just bellow is a a option to set battle speed. the battle speed is simply a setting how fast the animations should play. The lower the number, the faster the battle willdisplay. This can be handy if you play in a speed game and are short on time. 600 is the default number.

Under battle speed there is some information about probability. This indicates the propability for one side to win and is based on running this battle 1000 times and monitoring the result. Battle outcome is the chance that the result from the battle would happen, not only that this side would win but that the it would win withexactly this outcome.

In the bottom right corner you can see which terrain the battle is fought on, there is a picture and a terrain name. The terrain name indicate which type and which terrain bonus is applied.

Information button in battle
When a battle is completed you can click the information button to see the results.What you see the the propability for defender and attacker unit to make a hit.The battle roll is the dice thrown fo each round, if its lower then the defenders chance then the defender will hit the attacker,if its higher than the defenders chance the attacker will make a hit on the defender.