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Heroes - basic

Heroes are your most important units. There are several differences between heroes and other units.Heroes gain experience when the accomplish tasks such as winning a battle, capture a city or search a ruin. When the hero gain enough experience he willlevel up and is able to learn new skills which will make him even more powerful in battle. Heroes can pick up and carry magical itemsthat will improve their skills and abilities. Items can be found in ruins and by killing other heroes who carry an item.

Another big difference between heroes and other units is that they can mount other units. If a hero is grouped with a flying unit he is automaticallymounting the flying unit which allow him to travel over any terrain at the same movement cost as a flying unit.Heroes can also mount aquatic creatures and cross waters and swamps with ease.Heroes that haven't converted to a boat at a dock can step onto a ship from a bridge and sail with it.Remember that a hero that is in hero form will drown at the end of the turn if there is no one else there to keep him afloat.

Hero view
To bring up the hero view go to the top menu hero -> inspect .

On the map shown to the left you can see where the hero is located marked by a X symbol.

Under the portrait you can find some basic information about your hero including his experience (XP) howfar it is to the next level and how many points the hero have.

At the center column you can buy upgrades for your points. The negative can only be used if you invest points in something but change your mindbefore you click OK. Once you click okay you can't change your mind again. To find out what every bonus is you can read more under battle bonuses.View radius is how far from your hero fog of war is removed and enemy units are revealed.Intelligence is how fast you gain XP from battles.

Each time you level up a hero the hero is awarded with 10 points.