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Looting and Plundering


When you win a battle against a city owned by an enemy player (or AI) you automatically receive the gold that was kept in that city. The amount depends on how much gold the enemy has in his treasury overall and how many cities the enemy currently owns, as the treasury is evenly distributed among all cities.

For example, if a player has 8 cities and 800 gold in his treasury, then each city holds 100 gold. If an enemy conquers one of these 8 cities, that player will lose 100 gold and the conqueror will automatically gain 100 gold as loot.

The loot is always the treasury divided by the number of cities (rounded up). Note that the loot is always transferred, regardless of the conquering unit types and what the conqueror chooses to do with the city (see next paragraph).


When you win a city battle you are prompted with 3 choices: Occupy, Plunder or Raze.


means the city ownership is simply transferred to you. Due to the attrition of war, the city loses one level (reducing view radius and defence accordingly).


means that you destroy all the production capacity in exchange for gold. The city still loses only one level due to attrition of war.

The amount of gold plundered is a percentage of what it would cost to buy the current production facilities of the conquered city. The percentage is determined by the best plunder skill of all surviving units of the conquering army.
(For convenience, the best plunder skill is displayed in parenthesis behind the plunder-button. However, there is almost no way to know the actual production capabilities of the city before making the decision - see below.)

For example, suppose a city may produce three different unit types that once cost 200, 300 and 500 to buy. This sums up to 1000 gold. If the best plundering skill within the surviving conquering army is 40%, then 400 gold would be gained from plundering.
If the survivors would have included one or more orcs having 50% plundering skill each, then 500 gold would have been plundered instead.

Note that gold received from plundering is just gold, and as such may immediately be spent on buying new production right after plundering.


will destroy the city until someone rebuilds it. Razing a city right after conquering costs no gold at all, unlike razing an occupied city later on. However, razing a city does not yield any gold either.

Knowing what a city produces

Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to know what an enemy city is capable of producing in games with fog-of-war enabled, apart from kindly asking your enemy, oc course. This means that the decision between occupying, pillaging and razing always requires some guessing.The only exception are neutral cities with have a predetermined production set by the maker of a map. In order to save a player the hassle to open up the map in the map editor and simply look up such details, Warbarons conveniently displays this information upon inspecting such a city - even through the fog-of-war.