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Realtime games


Realtime game lobbies are deleted after 1:30 hour if they haven't been started.When a real time game is hosted a icon / button is shown on the left side of your account information to notify all players that there is a realtime game open.

Game start

When a realtime game is started a popup will be shown for all players regardless of where on the site you are (except in games older than version 0.9) with a button that will take them to the game.The first turn is 4 minutes long. After that the time is increased by 10 seconds with each turn.

Turn cycle

All players are doing their turn at the same time. When you are done with your turn you click end turn as normal. The client will reload on the same turn and you can continue to move your units like before.When all players have clicked end turn or the times goes to 0 the client will reload again and the new turn is started. This allow you to continue playing after clicking end turn and make sure that you didn't forget anythingwhile waiting for the other players to complete their turn.

Moving & attacking

If you see an enemy unit and try to attack it your request will go to the server that will check if the unit is still standing there. If the unit is still there according to the server you will attack. If the player moved the unit but the movement haven't shown up on your screen yet you will be notified that the unit moved and ask if you want to move there anyway.When you are in contact with enemy players in realtime games it becomes a much faster game. To be able to keep track of what's happening there are a couple of featuresthat will help you.

Handy features for realtime games

  • Quick battle is a new feature in the battle popup with skips the animation and just shows you the result of the battle to save time.
  • Center battle is a feature in realtime games that shows a button in the upper left corner of the screen for a few seconds when someone attacks you that centers your screen on the battle when clicked.
  • Move all units is a button that will move all your units according to their set path. This is handy on larger maps where you need to move units for several turns to the front lines.
  • Track player is a gold only feature that will move your screen to enemy and / or allied movement. This help you detect enemy movement. This feature can easily be toggled on and off in the interfaceor the T key(tracking) since it can be annoying to have your screen jump to another place all the time.
  • Another new feature designed with realtime games in mind is that you have a separate fight order for attacking and defending. Enemy players see the units ranked highest according to your defensive fight order while your allies.

  • Realtime to simultaneous and then back to realtime
  • In the game menu there is a option called pause realtime. When any of the players in the game click that menu option and then yes on the request the game will change from realtime to simultaneousmode. The current turn will still be in realtime mode but once all players click end turn the new turn will show 24 hours - 72 hours, whatever the game was hosted with.

    One hour after the game changed to simultaneous mode it will start looking to see if all players in the game are online. As soon as all of the players are online at the same time a request will popup asking ifyou want to continue the game in realtime mode. If all players clicks yes the game will go back to realtime again and you will be sent to the game. If one players click no the request will go away andyou will be informed who clicked no. The game will then wait another hour before it starts to monitor to see if all players are online.