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Map editor

Map creation
Creating a map is quite simple, to the left you have a set of different types of terrain. Each terrain give certain units an advantage.Select the type of terrain you want to use and start painting on the map.To the right you can find various paint tools.Brush will place a single tile of terrain on the map per click. It's good to use when creating detailed terrain.If you are going to make a larger area you can use the square tool which is good to quickly cover larger areas.When it is selected click on the map and then a few tiles away and the rectangle inside the area will fill up with the selected terrain.

When placing terrain the system will randomly place different tiles to break the pattern like look.When you are drawing a larger area of the same type of terrain it will randomly place big tiles. You can use the brush tool and placethe same terrain again and again to get different results. There is no way to specifically controll which tile or big tile that is used.There are 4x4 big tiles for all terrain types except swamp.

Roads will make travelling fast as all units move at the cost of 1 on roads. Roads are considered the same typ of terrain as they are painted onwhen it comes to battle bonuses. This can be used to create a passage where for example a dwarf, giants or wolves can block a passage through hills.You can use the road tool to create bridges, bridges are considered open terrain.

The docking symbol will allow armies to convert from boat to land and vice versa. When converting the army lose all movement except 2.

Cities and ruines / temples can only be removed by using the X symbol.

Ruines comes in three levels listed from the easiest to the hardest. Right now the ruins will just give a bit of money butwill later be guarded by a monster and hold random items / tresures / allies.

The greek inspired temple will give units +1 stength and the middle eastern inspired temple will give units +2 move.

Map settings
At the bottom right there is a option to select between map controlled start position and random start positions.If you select random start positions the map can be played with any number of players and the start positions will be randomly selected every time a game ishosted on the map.

If you select map controlled you have to decide which cities that are start positions. Select edit mode and click a city toset up starting cities and other city options. You can make several cities of the same player color, the game will then randomly selectone of those cities to be the starting position for one side.The map will only be playable for as many players as you select starting positions in different castle style.

Map management
This chapter describes how to play your map and how to allow others to host games on it.When you are satisfied with your map and want to play it, save it and then finalize it (from the top menu).

When you finalize the map it's placed in one of your finalize slots. There is a limit on how many maps you canhave in finalize status. During the beta we have set the limit to 2 maps.When the map is finalized you will be able to start games on it, listed under my maps.

If you would like the map to become available for others you can click submit in the topmenu. The map will now be listed under mapsin the community. Other visitors will be able to load it and look at it in the editor, give you comments on it and place votes.It will also allow them to place the map in their map preview slots to play it.

At the moment the votes serve as a help for us to decide which maps to make official maps. If we decide to make your map a official mapyou will free up a finalize slot and the map will be listed as a official map when hosting games. Your name will still be listed as the creator of the map.If you are interested in making a official map try to think about strategic possiblites to create a map with interesting game play. It can take quite a while to make agood map.

The lists of official maps won't grow forever so when there are a certain amount of maps the maps that noone play will be removed from the official list in favour fornew maps.