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In the city menu there is a portal button that allow you to teleport new units to other cities controlled by you or your allies in a team game.

Only units that are being trained can be teleported, units already on the map must walk.
Portal speed depend on the length.
In 1 turn a unit may travel 10 tiles.
In 2 turns a unit may travel 45 tiles
In 3 turns a unit may travel 100 tiles
In 4 turns a unit may travel any distance on the map.

A unit can not be intercepted while in transit.The portal does not block training of new units, it simply mean that when the unit is trained its being transferred to the destination city and a new unit is being trained meanwhile.If the destination city is taken by an enemy while the unit is in transit it will continue until it reaches the destination city. If you have recaptured the city when the unit arrives it will show up in the city. If the city is still in the hand of the enemy your unit will bounce and start travelling back to the city where it was trained and sent from.If that city is taken and held by the enemy when you unit arrives the unit will die.

You can have up to four portals sending units to one city. Every team mate can set two portals to your cities.

To setup you portal
To set a portal go to the portal page in the city and click the set portal button and then the city you want to send to on the mini map.A white line and a square will show you the portal and destination city.

To cancel a portal
To cancel a portal, go to either the destination or source city and then to the portal page. Click the X to cancel portal.Units in transit will continue to the destination city.