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Heroes - Offers

Hero Offers

At the beginning of each turn there is a chance that a new hero will offer themselves for hire in one of your cities for a set gold price. The hero may bring additional allies for an increased gold cost.

The city that the hero and allies offer themselves in is chosen at random from one of your cities.

Note: On turn 1 all players receive a level 1 hero offer that includes no allies for a fixed cost of 500 gold.

Accepting the Offer

When a new hero offer occurs a pop-up menu will be displayed at the beginning of the turn. The menu will show the hero level, any allies that the hero is bringing, the total cost of hiring the hero and allies and the city location where the hero will arrive.

To accept the hero offer, select the hero portrait of the type of hero you want, enter a name for the hero and then hit the OK button. To decline the hero offer, select the cancel button.

An 'Include Allies' checkbox allows for excluding the allies if you do not want to pay extra gold to hire them. Checking/unchecking the box automatically recalculates the cost of the hero offer.

A hero offer remains valid for the entire turn even if you cancel it initially at the start of the turn. To review the offer at any time click the multi purpose button in the upper left menu (it will have a Ziggurat icon on it).

Tip: Always cancel the hero offer at the beginning of the turn. Replay any battles from last turn and survey the strategic situation including moving scout units / fighting battles before accepting the offer.

High Level Heroes

At the beginning of the game all new heroes that arrive are level 1. As the game progresses new heroes that arrive may begin play at level 2 and above.

Here are the hero levels based on game turn.

Hero Levels

Turn Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5

Hero Cost

The cost for a level 1 hero ranges between 400-850 gold.

The cost for each additional level is 100*level. If the player can not afford the additional level(s) the hero level will be reduced until the player can afford the hero.

Example: The cost of a level 3 hero ranges between 900-1350 gold. The level 1 cost is 400-850 and the cost of the additional 2 levels for a level 3 hero is 500 gold (+200 for level 2 and +300 for level 3).


Below are tables showing the type and number of allies that can come with a hero offer.

Here are the possible allies that can accompany a hero along with the cost per ally.


Ally Cost
Red Dragon850-1100

The number of allies is based on the gold remaining in the players treasury after subtracting the hero cost.

Number of Allies

Gold Min Max

All numbers in the minimum and maximum range are equally likely.

Note: It's possible to get fewer allies than expected if there isn't enough gold to pay for them. For example having 1050 gold left after the hero cost indicates 1 or 2 allies should be included but if the randomly selected ally is a Red Dragon and it's randomly selected cost is 1100 then no allies will be included in the hero offer.

The Chance

If a player has 400+ gold at the start of their turn they have a chance of getting a hero offer.

The minimum chance is 10%. The maximum chance is 90% unless the player has no heroes in which case it can reach 100%. The chance is a formula based on the amount of gold the player has modified by the number of heroes the player currently has.

Here are the gold chance ranges based on number of heroes (Hero numbers above 7 not shown).

Gold Chance Ranges

Heroes Modifier Min Gold Max Gold

Having less gold than the minimum means the chance is fixed at 10%. Having more gold than the maximum has no effect as the chance is capped at 90% (100% for 0 heroes). Gold totals between the min/max ranges increase the chance by 1% every 5.8 gold.

Example: A player has 2 heroes currently in play. If the players gold total is between 400-810 then the chance for a hero offer is 10%. If the players gold total is greater than 1290 then the chance for a hero offer is 90%. If the player has 1050 gold then the chance for a hero offer is 50%.

Miscellaneous Numbers

Some key numbers to know:

1) The minimum amount of gold required to have a chance at an ally is 900 (400 minimum hero cost + 500 minimum ally chance).

2) The minimum amount of gold required to guarantee at at least 1 ally is 1950 (850 max hero cost + 1100 max ally cost).

3) The minimum amount of gold required to have a chance at a Red Dragon is 1250 (400 minimum hero cost + 850 minimum Red Dragon cost).

4) The maximum chance of getting a specific ally (Red Dragon) is 11.25% (90% chance of hero * 1/8 chance for each ally) and requires 1950+ gold (see #2).

5) The average hero cost is 625 gold (mid point between 400 and 850).

Note: All gold numbers based on level 1 hero. For higher level heroes add the appropriate amount of gold for their level.